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Our BizzyBee Playcentre Programs are designed for the children to learn through play.

Children at play are actively involved in creating themes; exploring and establishing independence, solving problems, and developing sharing skills.

Our centre helps children learn through:

  • direct interactive experiences
  • touching and manipulating materials
  • sharing thoughts, not just listening
  • self-selecting activities
  • dramatic play and imitation
  • music and movement
  • cause & effect exploration


Our centre provides children with the opportunity to use all their senses to make discoveries. As they interact directly with their environment and their peers, the children at Bizzy Bee not only gather sensory information, they also refine their cognitive and fine/gross motor skills.

Children reap great benefits as they think through their responses to express what they want to say, and with their answers, we find out more about what they think and feel.

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 2 hours of private use of facility

 Custom invites, décor & tableware

 Balloons for each child
 Beverages and face painting fun!

Please go to BIRTHDAYS to find out more about the Birthday Parties offered at BizzyBee Playcentre.


Socialization, exploration and skill development.

Preparing for school through constructive and explorative play combined with problem solving activities.

Games with turn-taking, drawing, painting, sculpting, constructing & crafts!

Learning through direct hands-on experiences.


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